Want to know the secret to loving yourself? [Hint: it's not just one thing.]

Life is not all butterflies and rainbows; sure, that is half of it, but what about the other half?

NO ONE talks about how painful life can be. 

I see you and I know how much you are currently navigating in your life. 

Everything in this life is yin and yang. 

Good and bad. 

Light and dark. 

The secret to loving yourself lies in this lesson. 

You have to love yourself in all of your phases.

I can teach you how.

My Offerings

You have one body. Learn to love her in all the ways she deserves

This is for you if....

  • You are just starting to learn about your cycle its importance

  • You need support coming off of birth control

  • You crave to live a life in alignment with your body

  • You feel like you are "missing something" in your life

  • You crave a sense of feeling whole 

  • You find the the idea of self-love super hard