Sacred Cycle Support


Want to know the secret to loving yourself? [Hint: it's not just one thing.]

Life is not all butterflies and rainbows; sure, that is half of it, but what about the other half?

NO ONE talks about how painful life can be. 

I see you and I know how much you are currently navigating in your life. 

Everything in this life is yin and yang. 

Good and bad. 

Light and dark. 

The secret to loving yourself lies in this lesson. 

You have to love yourself in all of your phases.

I can teach you how.


You have one body. Learn to love her in all the ways

she deserves

This is for you if....

  • You are just starting to learn about your cycle its importance

  • You are frustrated with the care you've received from your OBGYN

  • You were told your "only option" was to be on birth control

  • You struggle with period cramps or other cycle irregularities 

  • You feel your PMS is uncontrollable

  • You feel like something is missing in your life

  • You want to deepen your body awareness and connection to yourself

  • You crave living a life of honoring your body

  • You want to go deep into forgiving and falling in love with yourself

  • You are ready to access your cyclic superpowers

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Course Curriculum

Sacred Cycle Support is an 8 week course designed to help you reclaim your cyclic superpowers and fall in love with menstruation. 

Classes are online, interactive, and intimate. You will be learning about parts of yourself that you didn't know existed, connecting with your bleeding sisters, and uncovering the truth about your menstrual cycle. We go deep. You need a journal and a pen at every meeting. 

What is included

16 Hours of zoom lectures

yes, there will be recordings

Access to my sex ed course

This will teach you the science behind menstruation

Journal prompts

To help you come to life altering realizations

Access to Dr. Giselle on Whatsapp

Ability to personally consult with Dr. Giselle with questions, realizations, or inquire about support 5 days a week

Meditations and so much more

To take you even deeper into tapping into your cyclic superpowers

Course Schedule

Class 1

Sisterhood connection, story-sharing, space holding, red-tent talk, understanding the sister wound 

Class 2

Cycle phases, phase energetics, moon energetics, working with your cycle, hormones

Class 3

Eating to support your cycle, supplements, herbs, using the seasons for support 

Class 4

Boundaries, needs, wants, desires, manifesting a life of pleasure

Class 5

Divine masculine/feminine vs. toxic masculine/feminine, re-mothering yourself, re-fathering yourself, holding space for yourself

Class 6

Fiscal Planning, living a life of honor, planning for your bleed

Class 7

Breast massage, womb massage, blood blessings, manifestation

Class 8

Menarche ceremony and reclaim your cyclic superpowers

Courses will be run every 2 months 

June 20 will be the first session of the first 8 week course.