Online Modules

Women in Bodysuit

S3x Ed. Course

Join me as I break down the science behind our bleeding bodies. In this course we talk about anatomy, physiology, hormones, and potential diagnoses that a bleeding body could encounter. Understanding our bodies is the first and most important step in reclaiming our cyclic nature and falling in love with menstruation. 




Yoga For Your Cycle

Our bodies are not supposed to move the same every week of every month. As our hormones ebb and flow, it is important we honor the different movements our bodies need. I crafted these yoga classes for the different phases of our menstrual cycle to support and nourish our bodies over the course of the month.



Two Women

Wild Mystic Programs

Wild Essence School of Feminine Mysteries and Magick is where I learned to living from the space of my womb. I am honored to be included in various lessons throughout the online courses created by potent teachers. These programs will, undoubtably, change your life.