Cycling in Spring

If you either came to my workshop on the seasons of your menstrual cycle or watched the replay, you know that we are a microcosm living within a macrocosm (if you would like the replay find it here).

As humans, we have both internal seasons and external seasons, meaning, we are affected by the seasons of mama Earth, weather, climate, terrain, and food from the environment on which we live as well as our innate human rhythms like our circadian rhythm and hormonal cycles. In Chinese Medicine Theory, the concept of living to honor both the macrocosm and microcosm allows for optimal human health.

As we enter into our second week of spring, you might notice some changes in your menstrual cycle. This is extremely common for our Earth's spring. In TCM theory, each season corresponds with both a yin organ and a yang organ (I won't go into the specifics of this today). Spring's yin organ is your Liver. From a TCM standpoint, one of the most important functions of the liver channel is making sure our Qi (or energy) is free flowing in all directions throughout the body.

When our Liver Qi isn't free flowing for whatever reason (most of the time it's stress related) we call this "Liver Qi Stagnation". If you are prone to Liver Qi Stagnation like I am, you may notice your symptoms get worse in the Spring time.

This is because (to simplify it) the disharmonies you have with certain TCM organ systems are amplified in the season of that organ. SO if from now until the summer solstice you are experiencing more PMS, worse cramps, longer cycle lengths, an increase in clots while bleeding, darker colored moon blood, or an increase in breast tenderness, don't be alarmed!

Understand that the spring energy is affecting your internal energy therefore influencing your menstrual cycle. Meet yourself with gentle understanding.

There are ways to exercise and eat during the spring to help manage some of these symptoms. I will talk about them on my next blog post.


Dr. G

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