How To Make Your Day 1 Delicious

Hello loves,

I am writing to you from my Day 1 womb cave. Normally I fight the urge to be productive/create content during the days that I bleed, however, today's day 1 feels exceptionally delicious and I feel I would be doing this community a disservice if I didn't share how I made it feel so divine.

Periods take planning. Sure, making sure we have our period panties, cups, tampons, pads, or whatever you use to bleed into ready to go once we see our beautiful red blood on our toilet paper when we wipe after peeing.

But I mean planning everything to the detail for the days that you don't feel 100% when you bleed. So, here is my basic to do list of things I prepare a few days before I start bleeding to ensure I can rest, reflect, and fully embody my bleed.

1. Grocery Shop before you start bleeding. I always head to the grocery store 2 or 3 days before I am due to start bleeding to make sure I have meals that are full of nutrients but easy to make (I definitely will not have the energy to craft a gourmet dinner during the first 3 day of bleeding).

2. A crock pot full of bone broth. If you have worked with me/attended my free workshop, you know that it is really important to nourish our kidneys during this phase of our menstrual cycle. Bone broth is an incredible way to get nutrients and nourish our kidneys in a super easy way. I have been on a big chicken bone broth kick lately. I make it right in my crockpot (maybe I will share my recipe when I finish bleeding).

3. A clean, cozy house. When I am bleeding, cleaning my house is the LAST thing I want to do, BUT I always feel like I can never fully relax if my house isn't in tiptop shape. I recruited the help of my partner last night to help me make sure my house was squeaky clean for the next few days.

4. Clear your calendar. I always look at my calendar during my luteal phase and assess my scheduled obligations for the week of my bleed. If it is not absolute necessary, I reschedule it to my follicular phase (obviously some obligations are unavoidable and we have to meet ourselves where we are at).

5. Communicate to your partner/roommates. It is important to let the people you live with/the people you frequently communicate with know that you are bleeding and may need a little extra support. This way, your needs are met and there is no guess work while you are bleeding.

Our periods take planning. When we take the time to prepare for our bleeds, they have the potential to become absolutely delicious.

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